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Our staff at L’Chaim Medical Spa believes that beauty is intensely personal, and we celebrate the uniqueness of each individual.

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L’Chaim Medical Spa is Tulsa’s premiere location for a multitude of services including: BOTOX® and line fillers, kinetic dermabrasion, laser procedures including hair removal and body contouring, photo-facial ­rejuvenation, vein removal, facials and chemical peels, hCG weight loss ­programs, and bioidentical ­hormone replacement therapy.

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For those who are overweight, L’Chaim has a ­solution that can produce lifelong results.

     “Our hCG weight loss program is unique because our very first step in the initial ­meeting is to determine why that person is using ­eating as a coping mechanism; we get to the root of the issue,” explains Kaye.

The program includes meal and ­exercise plans, personal coaches, and weight control meetings, where participants can share their successes and challenges, as well as motivate and encourage one another.

L’Chaim Medical Spa hopes to help as many people as possible, of all ages and goals. Kaye encourages Gen X and Baby Boomer males in particular to give them a try.

     “Spas tend to focus on women only, but we believe men deserve to be pampered too, and would greatly benefit from our­ ­treatments,” she says.

We also recommend our services to power lifters and other athletes.

     “In fact, one of our first clients was a female ­competitive bodybuilder who wanted to define her muscle tone and keep her skin looking great.” says Kaye

L'Chaim Spa 2015-1Another goal of our medical spa is to educate clients on health and wellness issues, and we host seminars periodically in our ­beautiful event room led by local experts.

“We will discuss a large variety of topics: nutrition, skin care, exercise and movement, and the value of water, to name a few,” says Kaye.

The Staff at L’Chaim Medical Spa

Owner: Kaye Sanders

kaye3_edited-1Kaye has a passion for knowledge and to teach. When a client expresses their desired results, she enjoys showing them photos of the body’s anatomy and how the treatment is going to help them reach their desired results. By spending this extra time with the client it help alleviate any anxiety they might have.

“I sincerely believe each client is beautiful and appreciate enhancing that with our treatments and helping each client to Love The Way They Look!” Kaye Sanders.

The staff at L’Chaim Medical Spa in Tulsa believes that beauty is intensely personal, and we celebrate the uniqueness of each individual.

The Talented Staff at L’Chaim Medical Spa in Tulsa includes:

Alli Davis, Lash Extensions & Permanent Cosmetics

Alli Davis specializes in Microblading & Permanent Cosmetics. She came to L’Chaim to bring her passion to create beauty in each client with lash extensions and permanent makeup. In her 15 years of cosmetology, esthetics, and permanent makeup, she’s learned… Read More

Traci Powell, Aesthetician

Traci Powell is another of our lovely Aestheticians! Traci graduated from Clary Sage Beauty College in 2013 and is dedicated and passionate about skin care. She is provides great customer service and loves making people feel good about themselves! Read More

Amber Parker, Aesthetician

Amber is a licensed aesthetician who has been in the medical/aesthetic industry for over six years; she has rejoined our team in October 2016 after a year’s stay in Alaska. She thrives on continuing education and enjoys advancing her esthetic… Read More

Receive a private and complimentary consultation…

L’Chaim Medical Spa in Tulsa is for men & women who want to look and feel their best. If you are considering Medical Aesthetics, we invite you to come in today for a FREE consultation.

CALL today to set up your Complimentary Consultation: 918-994-7444 or Contact Us!

We accept Care Credit. Restrictions and minimums do apply. Please speak to one of our staff.


By combining the various cosmetic techniques and

Anna Cannard said: Fantastic price. Lowest I’ve found in town. I thought that meant the place would be trashy or low quality, but the building it beautiful, the staff were friendly and knowledgeable, and the treatment worked!

Mike said: I’ve been to this medical spa three times now and every time has been a relaxing experience. Toni is super nice and a master with the laser. I look forward to each visit and have no anxiety at all regarding the treatments. You can find cheaper spas that don’t have the most current and effective equipment, but you can’t find one any better. You might as well have it done correctly the first time.

Christine McCoy said: Great experience! Kaye is very knowledgeable and sweet and the clinic is clean and beautiful! Always a good experience when I go in!

Lindsay Keranen said: I absolutely love this place! I see Kay for Botox. She is so gentle that I barely feel the needle which is great because I’m usually a baby about it. She makes sure she takes her time addressing my areas of concern and I never want to go to anyone else! Everyone at L’Chaim Medical Spa is very friendly and professional.

Debby Gerard said: I have been dealing with bad acne since teen years and was prescribed medications by doctors, bought proactive and tried it religiously, had facials or chemical peels through other places and nothing seemed to worked between changing my diets and all this money wasted till I came to L’Chaim Medical Spa. Amber has changed everything for me with the plan she has for me and my skin is clearing up. I feel confident and unbelievably happy with my results.The environment, staff, and their passion and understanding of what you want and need, I will definitely continue to go to them!!

Blake Cawood: I’m so glad I found this place! I came here to get a mole removed, and couldn’t believe how affordable and easy it was. When I had my dermatologist do that in the past, it was expensive, painful, and left a scar. With L’Chaim’s procedure, you can’t even tell it was there! I was also shocked at how soon it healed. I will be coming here from now on and can’t wait to try their other services.

Janie Jacks said: I had my eyebrows tattooed by Trisha ( lost them completely when I had chemotherapy). I was so, so, so pleased with the result and the sweet care of all the people at L’Chaim that I decided to have Artefill on my lips. Mercy, I look a million percent better. Kaye did my lips and I am so pleased that I am coming back to have them colored.

I don’t want to look younger. I am 75 and love my age. I just want to look better.

You will love this place. Everyone is thoughtful and so helpful.

Tricia Rose-Jones said: Awesomeness procedure from Kaye Sanders today! !!! No pain, great results already, with more changes coming in next few days!!!
This lady is a magician !!!! ♡♡♡♡

Leslie Eames Seawright said: Wow! I had a wonderful experience at L’Chaim today. I have done the Limelight laser at other doctor offices, but those sessions did not come close to the professionalism and attention to comfort that I found at L’Chaim. I will be back and recommend them to everyone!

Ann LikesRed said: I have been going to L’Cahim Medical Spa for about a year, and I am thoroughly happy with their services. For more than a decade I had a mole on my chin, and a local dermatologist refused to remove because he said it would “leave a scar”. Amber used a special chemical derived from cashew nuts to remove the mole about three months ago, and I can’t even tell where it was now! I am so happy about that! They are very reasonable about their prices, and Kay always works with me so I know what we are going to do and why we will do it. People keep telling me I look healthy and well-rested. Before, people always said I looked tired. I wish I could tell them about the spa, but only my closest friends know why I look so good. For a 51 year old woman like me, this place is a wonderful blessing!

Katherine Herron said: Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful, I had the facial, and the full body massage and I can’t began to express how satisfied I was with the service and the staff. Professional all the way I would defiantly recommend for anyone.

Janie Jacks said: I had my eyebrows tattooed by Trisha ( lost them completely when I had chemotherapy). I was so, so, so pleased with the result and the sweet care of all the people at L’Chaim that I decided to have Artefill on my lips. Mercy, I look a million percent better. Kaye did my lips and I am so pleased that I am coming back to have them colored. I don’t want to look younger. I am 75 and love my age. I just want to look better. You will love this place. Everyone is thoughtful and so helpful.

Megan Taylor said: I have been going to L’Chaim for laser hair removal. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Have had a wonderful experience. I am now considering other treatments I would like to have done there. Will recommend L’Chaim to all my friends and family!

Kim Sides said: I’ve had laser hair removal here for two areas. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. They suggest what is best for you and your skin type. Now have appointment for facial. Very clean, welcoming environment. Highly suggest giving them a try!

Chris Clarke said: I always thought good skin care and medical spa treatments were not affordable. That is so not true! The staff is courteous, professional and most of all knowledgable. Kay Sanders is highly trained and is constantly seeking the newest and best products and treatments for her clients. The staff, makes you feel so welcome when you walk in. Not like some of the other so called “high end” spas around town. The facility is beautiful, clean and comfortable. I am a client for LIFE!

Gwendolyn Black said: Kaye is an awesome woman who is deeply passionate about her profession and her clients. She has an anointing to do what she does. For those who know what I mean, enough said:). But to be clear, at L’Chaim you get well researched, cutting edge technology and the best solution (among all the choices out there) for YOU. It makes a world of difference when you go to L’Chaim and understand that their goal is truly to SERVE you and not SELL you. Grace and peace in 2015!

Kelly Gorman-Wilson said: I absolutely love Kaye and her entire staff!! When I get to see Kaye she lights up my life in so many ways!! her life speaks the truth of our Heavenly Father ❤️❤️ her expertise in making me look my best And feeling my best is a gift and a passion that is so prevalent! I’ve been going to Kaye and her fabulous staff for 3 years now!! I can’t say enough about how wonderful Amber does at her microdermabrasion talent!! If you’re going to a different place for your facial needs, I believe by trying Kaye just one time, you will not only look better, you will feel better than you did when you walked in! Give Kaye and her staff an opportunity to change the way you look and feel today!! I absolutely 100% love L’Chaim Medical Spa ❤️

Sara Flora said: Professional, knowledgable, and friendly staff. Amber was awesome and took great care of me! Highly recommend L’Chaim!

Evelyn Barton said: I am BLESSED too have found L’Chaim. The entire staff goes far beyond their call of duty to please the clients. I am honored to be a customer! The perfection of their abilities is phenomenal & i will consistently recommend them to everyone. They have the highest quality & professionalism i have ever experienced. Thank You L’Chaim

Becky Laughman Clark said: So happy with the results I have seen with only one skin pen treatment! Thank you L’Chaim for helping me start to feel good about myself!!

Kim Dawson said: I am a 50 yr old woman and thanks to L’Chaim I look 35. Botox gives you amazing results as does the fire and ice facial I had done today. My skin looks vibrant and my pores have shrunk dramatically!! The bio-identical hormones are wonderful, no more hot flashes or low energy. If we want to look younger than we have to take care of ourselves and this is the place to do it.