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Our staff at L’Chaim Medical Spa believes that beauty is intensely personal, and we celebrate the uniqueness of each individual.

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L’Chaim Medical Spa is Tulsa’s premiere location for a multitude of services including: BOTOX® and line fillers, kinetic dermabrasion, laser procedures including hair removal and body contouring, photo-facial ­rejuvenation, vein removal, facials and chemical peels, hCG weight loss ­programs, and bioidentical ­hormone replacement therapy.

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For those who are overweight, L’Chaim has a ­solution that can produce lifelong results.

     “Our hCG weight loss program is unique because our very first step in the initial ­meeting is to determine why that person is using ­eating as a coping mechanism; we get to the root of the issue,”

The program includes meal and ­exercise plans, personal coaches, and weight control meetings, where participants can share their successes and challenges, as well as motivate and encourage one another.

L’Chaim Medical Spa hopes to help as many people as possible, of all ages and goals. We encourage Gen X and Baby Boomer males in particular to give them a try.

     “Spas tend to focus on women only, but we believe men deserve to be pampered too, and would greatly benefit from our­ ­treatments,” she says.

We also recommend our services to power lifters and other athletes.

     “In fact, one of our first clients was a female ­competitive bodybuilder who wanted to define her muscle tone and keep her skin looking great.”

L'Chaim Spa 2015-1Another goal of our medical spa is to educate clients on health and wellness issues, and we host seminars periodically in our ­beautiful event room led by local experts.

“We will discuss a large variety of topics: nutrition, skin care, exercise and movement, and the value of water, to name a few,”.

The Staff at L’Chaim Medical Spa

Owner: Kammie Caldwell

The staff at L’Chaim Medical Spa in Tulsa believes that beauty is intensely personal, and we celebrate the uniqueness of each individual.

The Talented Staff at L’Chaim Medical Spa in Tulsa includes:

Traci Powell, Aesthetician

Traci Powell is another of our lovely Aestheticians! Traci graduated from Clary Sage Beauty College in 2013 and is dedicated and passionate about skin care. She is provides great customer service and loves making people feel good about themselves! Read More

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